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  • Elite Strength Coach

    Personal Training • Corporate Fitness • Nutritional Advice • Weight Loss • Muscle Tone • Core Strength •  Posture Correction • Cardio Fitness

  • What’s in the packs


    • 6 week programs with specific weight and cardio training to lose weight, tone up and sculpt your body
    • Fitness tips and advice
    • 8 varied resistance sessions
    • Easy to learn gym at home exercises


    • 10 day eating program, comprehensive layout of food to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks each day (each day is different - loads of options). After the 10 days, you then repeat from the start and continue for 3 weeks and then you continue onto your continued eating program.
    • Tips on how to be healthier without much effort
    • Education on what foods are sabotaging your diet
    • The best fat burning foods
    • Information on natural supplements I use and recommend for the best results
    • Information on training stacks
    • Shopping tips and lists of what to buy on your weekly shops
    • Loads of quick tips that will help you accelerate fat loss

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