Over the years I have learned to love my body and every curve I have, and through my method of training and healthy clean eating I have been able to maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. I’ve also developed an attitude of everything in moderation. I don’t believe in diets, I believe in leading a healthy lifestyle that is maintainable for years to come. Following fad diets I believe only leads to failure, you have to live life and enjoy it. In saying that, clean healthy eating is key. My philophys which is well known, if you can’t catch it, kill it or grow it, don’t eat it. I also cut out all sugar except natural sugars, all this will be discussed in more detail in my nutritional guidelines.

Now in regards to training Ill give you the breakdown, I have been a personal trainer for just over 8 years now. I have many qualifications under my belt as well as success stories, I’ve trained famous Olympic swimmers, the best DJ’s in the world and also the most beautiful models in the world. My client list is broad and I love the feeling of making other peoples lives better, that is why I do what I do. To help change people into a healthy mindset and change their lives for the better. Woman are my speciality and I have qualifications ranging from pre and post natal to menopausal fitness.

A couple of years ago I hurt my back pretty badly and slipped a disc in my spin (worst injury I have ever had) How did it happen, on a photoshoot funny enough… The pain was on another level but the positive from the situation was that I accepted my body needed to become stronger in areas I didn’t think were weak (my core in particular) I designed new training programs that targeted my booty and core more so than ever before and with lots of caution to my injuries. The result… The most toned sculpted body I have had in years!!

I have decided to share my secrets tips and tricks so that everyone can benefit from my style of training and healthy eating. I really do love what I do and when I see the transformations in the people I help not only physically but mentally it’s one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

I hope you will enjoy my website and social channels, I want to bring you into my world and show you how I live life. Share my fitness programs, tips and secrets. Teach you how to cook amazingly tasty food that is good for you and hopefully make you smile along the way with my goofiness.

What else do I get up to in my spare time…

I have also modelling within the commercial industry for 10+ years representing some of the biggest fitness labels in the world. My favourite form of modelling is TV commercials, in the past few years I have been in TV Commercials for rebel sport, berlei sports bra, ministry of sound, and recently shot the new TVC for the beef and livestock community (will be aired on national TV soon). I’ve done fitness campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry from powertube pro, skins to brasilfit (all shots can be seen in my gallery). I travelled to Germany early last year to represent Powertube pro at ISPO one of the biggest fitness expos in the world as the face of their company. If you walk into rebel you’ll be able to see their amazing products with me branded all over there amazing packaging!

A few years ago I had the best time being a TV host on Fuel TV which brought the top sports news to Australian national audiences on Foxtel. I am an ambassador for brands that I truly believe in and work with on a day to day basis. I will never endorse a product I do not take personally myself, and recommend to my clients as a personal trainer, and the reason for me promoting these products on my social pages is to educate my followers on what I personally take and what gets me to my absolutely best!

I have also modelled within the commercial industry for 10+ years representing some of the biggest fitness labels in the world, I will be taking you BTS on my shoots and TVC’s that I am lucky to be apart of.

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